Clouds sailing overhead leaving patterned reflection in my eyes,

The wind sighs with temptation as it seductively caresses my soul,

That is so precariously Perched on the window bars, just longing to be set free…..

And suddenly, without trying to loosen the strings of everyday mundaneness

Or make wriggling excuses for daily responsibility,

It snaps out!

Not like a rain washed twig cracking under the pressure of storm that blows against it

But more like an eyelash floating away as the eye blinks…

No noise or searing pain, just a complete disassociation!

It sets itself free!   Lurching and unsteady,  

It launches into a thermal of dreams;

Turning in ever widening circles, with the sun’s soft warm glow

And the effervescent breeze patterning its course ,

Through slumbering thoughts, untried emotions and unspoken desires,

To a crescendo of rising passions!

The peak, a luminosity of pleasure that singes its wings with surfeit……

The swoop downwards is as irrational as the initial feverish flight

And it happens with wings closed against the burn.

 a rush of images crowd my soul,

A kaleidoscope of colours, moments of warmth, all fluttering feathers on the underbelly, scorching as the swift descent becomes

A cocktail created by the not so subtle friction

of dreams and ideas brushing against life

the churning

the stirring

the twists

eyes tightly closed ,

muscles taut…..

then a sudden silence and the thud of landing.

The wind caresses , and seductively blows………

yes , the roller coaster was worth it!

Sheila bhattacharya






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