Passport Capers and children


He watched with deep concentration,

And pressed so hard on the scanning machine,

that his fingertips turned pink.

There was fascination in his ten year old eyes as he saw his paw prints receding into nothingness…

Then, with uncharacteristic patience, he followed instructions

And peered into the iris scanner, as they took his biometric details,

And without him understanding it, turned him into a demographic statistic!

The experience leaving him bewildered yet curious for more…. I wondered at his quietness;

Then he leaned over, with a cheeky smile and smug tone, told me in a stage whisper

‘Mamma, they tried very hard to take a photo of the REAL ME,

One that’s inside…….. but I don’t think  that eye machine succeeded!’

great! my child, you have defeated the system!



The queue was long, thick and snaky, putting any self-respecting anaconda into blushing shame! The air-conditioning was groaning, and beads of impatient sweat on every forehead. The dull grey outside, dripping rain just added to gloomy, sarcastic tone of the officials.

We just stood, seemingly forever, and then she began to hum to herself…. I caught few glances, some indulgent and some disapproving—

‘Hey, mom, I going put some life into these minibots…. I am going to sing’ flouncing off to the centre of the crowded waiting area taking advantage of the fact that I was caught unawares

 She smiled and winked as shook my head in a vigorous NO!

And screamed across a dozen heads ‘I’ll never have such a captive audience, ever again….. And if they don’t like it, they might just shift us to the top the queue…’

Some sniggered, some glared at the adolescent arrogance and I shivered at the thought that the passport office would impound my passport AND take away my rights to motherhood …

When she walked back with her head held high

‘ common’ , I was just kidding….. but those shocked faces and hands clutching hearts , is incentive enough to actually do it…. Another day… so relax’


Ok I know now , somebody up there is looking after me!  


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