Journey- Floating Away

this leaf-basket of Marigold’s floated by me as i sat with my ankles dipped in the freezing cold waters of the Ganga at Haridwar… it’s brightness seemed a bit cheeky against the dull grey waters of the river that pretty close to it’s lowest level, as dry months of March and April was fast approaching. The flowers probably meant as an offering at a temple had got away! the bobbing basket seemed like a willful little girl out to explore and find her destiny…….

Bright sunlight                                             ,20140220_103634

Shadows and reflections of the sun,

Calmness of the waters

Leaving ripples all undone,

But I am floating on……


People calling out

About appointments never kept,

Fingers reaching far to see

What they can get,

But I am floating on……


Chants and whispered prayers

Along the river edge,

Lilting temple bells

Among the aromatic incense smells

But I am floating on….. 


Memories of hills

Beyond the river bend,

Sacred bubbling streams

With stony gravel beds

But I am floating on…….


‘Nothing can keep me’

She whispers as she goes

Time swiftly follows

As she flows,

Petals will fade, and the green will go;

‘I am on my journey,

To others endless it may seem

But that doesn’t bother me,

I am just floating on …….

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