15 august ,Independence Day — thoughts on freedom

The frenzy of practices  for the Independence Day show in school reaches such a fever pitch, it’s almost Kafkesque in its absurdity….. the decay, the filth, poverty and all that is wrong with the State of India, is frantically hidden from every body’s eyes behind the screen of grand speeches , melodious patriotic songs written by poets who had imagined a very different future for our nation and choreographed dances that reflect the many thousands of years of culture in our country! Everyone is made to practice steps, words and cadences with military precision and discipline ….. if the same effort and intent had been put throughout the years that our nation has grown and survived as a modern democracy, IF ONLY, then we would have never had to hide anything behind a smoke screen of false sense of honour and achievement!
But what really amazes me is total lack of freedom to change the format or disagree; the cold unsmiling faces with mask like expressions reflecting any suggestion that the event shouldn’t be just ceremonial but spontaneous……just set me thinking about all the things we need to feel free to do……oversleep, not understand math problems in the first reading, not to know how to make paper boats that float in the muddy rain waters… there are just so many…
Which led me to this thought…..

May we have the freedom to:
Explore any winding roads even if they lead to dead ends;
Lie down on the green slopes and make faces at the sun peeping through the clouds;
Follow instructions from behind the craft box and create a disaster
for display;
Laugh and say ‘ hey, I am slow, so could you tell me that all over again’….
without shame or fear
Match the colour of our hair with the colour of our shoes when
we go for stuffy interviews and get chosen!
Sing tunelessly in the elevator so that others sing along
Just to correct you!
Make mistakes on filling up complicated government forms
and not be taxed for it;
Laugh out loud, at things we find ridiculous,
no matter where we are;
And cry when we are hurt , feel cheated or wronged
No matter who we are…

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