What’s in a name?

Her eyes sparkled with a watchful alertness that belied the soft tone of her voice

‘Would you want me to take care of all the details as always?’

‘Yah’ he shook his head and hand in a callous dismissive gesture ‘Do whatever you need to! Who is this Miriam?  So many millions for something I wouldn’t even remember, except for the compelling evidence she has! Yah! Pay her something, like 10 million …. Whatever—close it before the media and public know!

It was an elaborate process–names, passwords and numbers, a frown spread across her lovely face, she couldn’t make a mistake; she worked painstakingly, making sure she couldn’t be faulted. She placed her letter with rest of the documents on his table.

Her bag was packed and desk tidied. As she heard him roar, she jumped to the door.

‘You resign Lina! now when I am winning ! You can’t leave Me! You bitch! Who is going pay your bills- that overdosed shit who sold you here! Why have you signed – Shalina M. Moundar- is that your Name? What does M stand for?

‘Miriam’ she said, giggling with laughter she walked out.

Sheila Bhattacharya

Mumbai/ Jan 2019


what's in a name


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