this is dedicated to all friends and acquaintances who have journeyed along with me , adding smile, drying tears but most of all making me aware that it’s not the destination that matters but the  journey ..


The two sat in the corner, on tall bar stools, sipping hazelnut cappuccinos,

looking like the miss-matched cruet set that their fingers brushed


their words making invisible smoke rings of Conversation; sounding like well-oiled synchrony of an antique clock- Whirs, hums and occasional tick-tocks …..

Time spreading out in ripples of stirred coffee, they spoke, uncaring of the world …

Who were they?

Political rivals, jabbing the air in unending debate?

Now scribbling concentrated lines on flimsy tissue!

Were they business partners sharing a dream and stock market graphs? Then, shedding tears and holding hands in familial solidarity,

like lost siblings or distant family, who were they?

Lovers? Looking tenderly at each, lost in their universe? Actually,

Just friends! Sitting like book ends holding together the myriad genres of life, in warm timelessness.

Nothing changing though everything did- The cold war into global warming; flower power into political springs;

The parents and teachers into children and students; Smoothness and curls into straggling greys and wrinkles,

all held together by the changeless gurgling of their laughter and eyes that twinkled!

They sat, a spot of eternity, oblivious

To the waves of change crashing around them, Comforted by their shared warmth and coffee; cherishing their bonds of friendship with each sip.

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  1. Vishwas Vaidya says:

    Deeply surreal piece of a creation!


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